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the big bad bugs?
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Spiders and scorps and centipedes galore...

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IMPORTANT: Read these rules before entering!

     Auction off your tarantulas, scorpions, spiders, millipedes, centipedes, cockroaches, mantids, stick insects, or any other "bug" that you want to get rid of, here! Who knows how high the bids will get on your item, starts low, and gets high. The best part is: itís a FREE SERVICE!
     This is an international auction. When posting an item, you decide the minimum bid you can accept which is called your reserve price. Post a detailed description of your item including the amount for shipping, box charge, etc., and the country where you live. If a permit is needed for the item you are auctioning, you must include that in your description too. You arrange your own payment and shipping method. If you do not mention the amount for shipping, box charge, etc., it will be assumed into your price.
      Bids are in US dollars unless otherwise stated. Bidders can post below the reserve price or above it. The only thing is the seller doesn't have to sell the item below his/her reserve price.
     Please note that by placing an item up for bid you are making a contract between you and the buyer. ("Petbugs.com" has nothing to do with it) Once you place an item, you may not retract it and you must sell it for the highest bid. In other words, if you don't want to sell it, don't place it up for bid! Of course when the auction expires, the item is deleted automatically.
     The bidder is notified when someone outbids or if the auction is over and he or she is the highest bidder.
     You MUST register in order to use this service. It is simple, there is no cost, and only takes a few minutes. A password will be sent to you via e-mail.

It all sounds good to me, ENTER.

I don't agree with those rules, LEAVE.

If you have any questions, check out the AUCTION FAQ.


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