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     "Petbugs.com" opened in late August of 1999. This website has a searchable database that was created to combine many Internet resources to provide care, places to purchase live invertebrates, and tons of other information needed for someone interested in this field. This was the intent of Jon Fouskaris back in 1997, when there were very few websites available on tarantulas, scorpions, and other arthropods that are kept as pets. He started out with a small web page called "Jon's Pet Arachnid & Insects" which offered caresheets, a few tips, and more "bug" links than any web page at the time.
     As time progressed, the web page started getting larger and people started to recognize "Jon's Pet Arachnid & Insects" as one of the best "bug sites" available! Still, it was time for some big updates on "Jon's Pet Arachnid & Insects". Since Jon's father Michael happens to enjoy making websites, the two came up with "petbugs.com", a combined effort of Michael's complex website designing and Jon's writing abilities and knowledge about "bugs"!
     "Petbugs.com" is everything that Jon set out to make in 1997, containing everything that any hobbyist would ever need. If you were looking for a certain species, there is an extensive list of dealers along with a classifieds section and even an auction. If you needed information, there is a search engine that will find what you're looking for without the irrelevant results. If you have a question, you can post it on the discussion forum, check out the FAQ, drop Jon a line, or you can ask someone directly on scheduled chat sessions! There is more than just that here, and since "petbugs.com" is still growing, there will always be MORE at "petbugs.com"!

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