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Information Interactive Features
· Bug Quiz
  How well would you say you know "bugs"? Test your knowledge with this amusing activity! The fun-filled Bug Quiz gets harder as you get further, with an "award" for the people that make it to the end! Are you up for the challenge? Good luck!
· Caresheets
  WAIT! So you want to buy a "bug"... well before you purchase one, take a look through the petbugs.com Caresheets. They contain a lot of information on many different invertebrates to help find the best species for you, or read up on the species you had in mind!
· Resources
  This searchable directory has everything from insect information to tarantula clothing! (Hundreds of resources!) This one is a must-see, we suggest that you bookmark it!!!
  The Never-Ending Project...
Construction Hasn't Begun Yet
· Tips
  Tips and techniques used by Jon Fouskaris in his personal "bug" collection. These have been useful to him, and they should prove useful to you too.
· Discussion Forum
Do you have a question on "bugs" that you still haven't found the answer to? Well search no more, because the petbugs.com Discussion Forum is where experts and hobbyists alike join together to answer your questions!
· Auction
The petbugs.com Auction is a free service available for people to buy and sell "bugs". It's a miniature "E-Bay" for all of us out there! Need we say more?
· Chat Room
This is the place to "talk" to people who share your interest. Chat with fellow "bug" keepers, and on scheduled occasions, you can even speak with experts! Click on the link to find out about the upcoming chat sessions. Have fun!
· Newsletter
Stay up to date with the petbugs.com Newsletter. From new websites to new species, you'll be aware of it all. This newsletter is published every few months, so don't worry about being bombarded with e-mails.
· Classifieds 
Your online market for live invertebrates! From spiders to stick insects, this is the place for "wanted" or "for sale/trade" ads. If you're looking to buy "bugs", the petbugs.com Classifieds should be your first stop, so check it out right now!
· Book Store
Even though the Internet has tons of information, you still can't go wrong with a book. This is the reason that the petbugs.com Book Store was created. We hope that these "bug" books will add to your knowledge.
· Remote Search
Want a search box for your own website? Well, here's your chance! With the petbugs.com Remote Search, your visitors can perform a search directly from your website!
· Remote Rate
Now your visitors can rate your webpages (whether it's the main page or a photo gallery) from the page they are visiting! Good for any "bug" website out there, click on the link to find out more.
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